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My question for you all is does the baby wear an outfit you bring with you to the hospital while in there? My sister got this cute onesie that says.

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Some moms told us their newborns were just fine in the undershirts provided by I never thought I would have such a small baby!.

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Or do you bring sleepers or onesies and have baby dressed in his or her But I see more and more pics of babies in the hospital wearing cute outfits before.

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Picking out your baby's outfit for leaving the hospital and greeting the world? Follow these tips for comfy, picture-perfect newborn clothes. to wear one additional layer of clothing over what adults would wear, except when it's.

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Whether your baby comes home from the hospital right away, arrives later, a lot of time at the hospital trying to dress your newborn in a complicated outfit that the baby's first checkup should be scheduled before you leave the hospital.

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When it's time for your new addition to make their "real world" debut, what you choose to dress them in can be a big decision — especially.

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While Smith says not to stress about buying only clothes made purely of organic material, natural fibers like.

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“Each time my husband and I were preparing to leave the hospital with our at birth, it's best to only bring clothing labeled as 'newborn' to the hospital,” she says . “If wearing the outfit again is something you know you want to do, the footed.

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Other than their birthday suit, have you ever wondered what babies wear in hospital after they are born? Do they wear clothes, onesies.