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Originally Answered: Why do people hate teen moms? I don't think people ' dislike' teenage pregnancy - I don't - but I think people express concern for the.

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Royston Cameron – `I am of the opinion that teenage pregnancy is still an issue in our community. There are many factors that contribute to this;.

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Hello, I just wanted to know what everyone views were on this, as me myself being a teen mum, find myself being constantly judged by people.

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Not all teenage pregnancies are unwanted; nor are all young mums having For others, reasons include: contraception failure, not thinking, getting there are two people involved in an unplanned teenage pregnancy - and.

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There are pros and cons to being a young mum. People often think they know full well the advantages and disadvantages of being a teen.

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Nicole explains that this type of thinking prevents people from wanting Teen moms will never amount to anythingNicole and Naraya are both.

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Nine young mothers tell us what it's like to have a baby in your 20s. Experts say the trend is mostly because of a decrease in teen pregnancy, and partly I wonder: How did they decide to become a mom (or if it wasn't exactly .. For people with ovaries and uteruses, the fallopian tubes might seem like.

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Many posters ask: “Think being a teen parent won't cost you?” Some people argue that these ads are a fresh approach to dealing with the.

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People tried to make me believe I'd ruined my life by becoming pregnant in my teens. Many teen moms are shamed into thinking they will never.