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The Reading Room is dimly lit. Since our radiologists are looking on images on the computer, the background light can make it harder to see.

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When a kid gets an X-ray or a CT scan (two types of pictures taken of the inside of the body), those funny-looking pictures can be tough to understand.

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patients who are relaxed, calm and do not move. Your x-ray images are then viewed on a computer by a specialist doctor, known as a Radiologist.

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X-ray machines are made of metal and plastic and can be very large; having an x -ray should be painless. 6 – 10 years Radiology Factsheet. Bones word search.

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THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO COMER CHILDREN'S HOSPITA L. Pediatric highly trained pediatric radiologists speed of blood flow can also be.

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What does your work entail as a radiologist or what is a radiologists' job description? . I was married and had a child, and then had another one when I was in In fact, in the emergency rooms, when people come in, often they get a CT scan.

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What Kind of Training Do Pediatric Radiologists Have? Pediatric radiologists are specially trained to understand the unique needs of children, parents, and may recommend based on individual facts and circumstances.