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There are a variety of degree options and career opportunities in literature available. Whether you're interested in completing online courses, learning about a.

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Why study American literature? The question is not about literature but rather about the American aspect. Studying American literature encompasses.

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When we do this, we have the opportunity for discovering pride in our community and culture, for gaining respect for another's, and for learning humility as we.

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cast heavenward as the creature whines, "Why do we hafta sation about American literature you'll know what call the better answers-learning about our cul-.

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I believe there is no area of study that English and communication skills do not We read literature to discover and to learn about ideas and we write it to.

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My topic this afternoon is the history of American Literature. I mean, rather, the subject called American Literature in our college catalogues, learned would it begin to acquire anything like the academic recognition we take for granted today .