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I've noticed some of the power output figures you list are slightly lower than manufacturers' claims. Who is right? We're simply using slightly.

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engine can do, or how far and how fast it can ultimately force itself. to reason that more horsepower typically means a higher top speed.

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Our free tool lets you easily switch between bhp, PS and kW. Pferdestärke or PS for short and Kilowatts (KW) are both lesser used units for determining a cars engine power that mainly show up in mainland Europe. This handy calculator lets you convert quickly and easily between the.

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But what sort of mpg are you getting from the ps front wheel drive engine? Bummer, was rather coming round to the idea of the Audi, it did look stunning in the showroom . I mean there is a near 14 mpg difference there.

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English (language): What does PS stand for in a letter? 17, Views · What is the full form of PS and what is its meaning? 8, Views. Ps.-Aristeas.

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Examples: How do I convert PS to horsepower? A manufacturer quotes the power of a vehicle at PS (Pferdestärke - German for horsepower, equal to metric.

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Given that my A5 was produced early April, does anyone know which engine it will be? . dads-space.com don't mean to drag up the past for you!.