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What does a good violin sound like under the ear?? August 12, at PM · I'm going to get a new violin today and I've read that a good violin will sound.

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Otherwise you might play one and struggle to make it sound good, which might in turn lead you to believe it's not that good of a violin.

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Does "powerful" mean the sound projects much beyond the player's ear? What is generally . what is a dark sounding violin sounding like? any clips? .. A good bow is just as important to sound as a good violin. Spend a few.

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I'm curious about how a really good violin should sound. Is it something subjective? Or is there a particular tone to the perfect violin?.

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In a violin a “good tone” is a complex mixture of qualities that blend together to And even if he does, many stereo hi-fi addicts contend that the sound is only a to work less hard and concentrate on other things, like making beautiful music.

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Well, because it's pretty difficult to make a violin sound good. Violin strings are very Views · What does the inside of a violin sound like? 1, Views.

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I really like his sound and would like to know what violin he has or at least the basic is it a dark or light violin? Thank you for your help!.