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Story maps, story flowcharts and story mountains: primary literacy planning Similar to a story map is a story flowchart which may be set out as follows.

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This definitive guide shows you how to map a plot using a plot mountain or diagram to build drama. Learn how to write a novel with examples of plot.

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Graphic Organizer - this is a mountain shaped story plot map used to help like this when I was teaching 4 th grade this one looks a lot better than mine!.

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Things might go wrong! Is there a mystery, or do terrible things happen? Are there any disagreements? How are things going to be sorted out? Problems have to.

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After this is a mountain for you to brainstorm/fill in with pupils. Visual Story Mountain for the IWB . Parent view: This is what SEND practice should look like.

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You can compare organisations / companies and mountains. As a metaphor it can provide insight in your own situation.