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Afferent definition, bringing to or leading toward an organ or part, as a nerve or arteriole (opposed to efferent). See more.

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Define afferent. afferent synonyms, afferent pronunciation, afferent translation, English dictionary definition of afferent. adj. Carrying inward to a central organ or .

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Afferent definition is - bearing or conducting inward; specifically: conveying impulses toward the central nervous system. How to use afferent in a sentence.

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There are two sets of nerve-fibers, those which transmit sensory impulses, called afferent or sensory nerves, and those which transmit motor impulses, called.

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Afferent definition: bringing or directing inwards to a part or an organ of the body, esp towards the Definition of afferent from the Collins English Dictionary.

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Definition of afferent - conducting or conducted inwards or towards something (for nerves, the central nervous system; for blood vessels, the organ supplie.

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Afferent nerve fibers refer to axonal projections that arrive at a particular region ; as opposed to efferent projections that exit the region. These terms have a slightly different meaning in the context of the peripheral PNS afferents are the axons of sensory neurons carrying sensory information from all over the body, into the.

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What exactly does that mean from a biological point of view? Our nervous system - a complex machine. Our nervous system is divided into two.

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Efferent: Carrying away. For example, an artery is an efferent vessel that carries blood away from the heart, and an efferent nerve carries impulses away from the .