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ited value and should be avoided except in spe- cific circumstances .. Early infarct oedema (does this mean swelling or low density?) Cortical hypodensity.

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Acute coronary syndromes are currently classified according to the presence or absence of ST elevation at hospital admission. ST elevation usually reflects.

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gesting infarction can be found in some cases.2"6. CT has not been specifically mean age 58 years) with angiographically proved oc- clusion of one or both.

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The challenge article was accepted by Medical Image Analysis and can now be found online. SPES: acute stroke outcome/penumbra estimation . correlations between brain areas and cognitive functions by means of negative samples.

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ribbon, lentiform nucleus, and corona radiata are associated with which higher values indicate the association of an infarct at that spe- cific voxel with either.

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Nine patients (6 men, 3 women, aged 51—63yr, mean ± .. infarct and the pen-infarct areas are plotted against infarc. .. SPEC!' measurement of.

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graphic clues that can be used to differentiate them from true infarction. The level of the ST segment should . When these changes are concordant, they are spe- cific for acute segment with a convex ST segment may indicate an associated.