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No backsies can further be extended into the real world, where people use "no backsies" as a means to avoid doing a task. To invoke the rule.

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Top definition As in the game of punch buggy, one would say "punch buggy, no backsies!" If you are punched back, thats defying the rule of no backsies. 2.

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Top definition. taksies backsies no taksies backsies you stupid bitch. bitch i call Get a taksies backsies mug for your boyfriend Callisto.

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English[edit]. Etymology[edit]. back + -sies. Noun[edit]. backsies (uncountable). ( childish) The act of taking back or going back on one's word, promise, or gift.

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backsies definition: Noun (uncountable) 1. (childish) A reciprocal action or consequence, such as immediately tagging the player who has tagged one in a game.

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Definition of backsies in the dads-space.com dictionary. Meaning of backsies. Information and translations of backsies in the most comprehensive dictionary.

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Noah neglected to say "no backsies," and is now "it" again. Bob would not What does it mean when someone uses the term BL? Views.