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However, for the best value why not place a Flexi Trifecta bet which means you can box as many horses as you want and you can specify the.

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The example shows that all 6 horses were 'boxed' for the trifecta, meaning that as long as they filled the first 3 places (in any order) the bet would be successful.

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Learn about placing a trifecta box bet for horse or dog racing -- select It costs a little more, but since you do not have to accurately predict the.

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The trifecta box bet is a popular option for those who are intimidated by the proposition of a straight trifecta. The box let's you select three or more horses from the.

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Definition and examples by expert handicappers at dads-space.com By betting a trifecta box with those four horses you are betting every.

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A "boxed" trifecta is where three horses are selected, and the Boxed bets are effectively equivalent to placing standard trifecta bets on.