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Virginia (), the Court ruled that motor vehicles parked within the curtilage do not qualify for the motor vehicle exception for.

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The word 'curtilage' is generally used to refer to a parcel of land attached to a The exact definition of this term is important as it is used.

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Domestic curtilage is usually a garden, but can include parking areas, access roads, vegetable plots, children's play equipment, and stables (where the horses .

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curtilage definition: The definition of curtilage are the grounds or area surrounding a house or other place where a person lives. (noun) An example of curtilage.

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Curtilage defined and explained with examples. Curtilage is the immediate land and buildings, such as a shed or barn, that surround a home.

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Define curtilage. curtilage synonyms, curtilage pronunciation, curtilage translation He was also found in the curtilage of Asda, Phoenix Retail Park, on July 6 in.

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Ā«CurtilageĀ» In law, the curtilage of a house or dwelling is the land immediately The definition of curtilage in the dictionary is the enclosed area of land adjacent to a .. Planning applications received by Lake District National Park Authority.