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When call divert is enabled, the phone does noit ring at the original number of the incoming call, but rather only at the locations the call had been diverted to.

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If further pauses and changes of ringing tones are heatd, it could even mean the call have How do I call on someones number which has been diverted?.

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Call Diversion can also divert calls while your phone line is in use. Call Diversion is just one of the How do I use Call Diversion? How to divert calls. First you.

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Every incoming call is diverted to a number of your choice automatically. At that, your mobile phone does not perform a call. The service is active when your.

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A friend of mine is with '3' and is receiving dozens of calls a day which display ' Diverted Call' on the display. When he answers there is nothing.

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Divert definition: To divert vehicles or travellers means to make them follow a Customers will only incur additional call charges if the call is diverted outside the . Times, Sunday Times ()Music of quality, in the context of worship, does.

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I think you guys are missing the point. A 3rd party has a divert on their phone diverting their calls to him. He does not have access to the phone.