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This article offers an explanation of the term 'division' in soccer, Without it, many teams in a league would have nothing to play for each.

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In sports, a division is a group of teams who compete against each other for a championship. The term division is also used in US college sports to indicate the groupings of members of a given conference. However, this usage is more recent.

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The Fourth Division (or Division Four) of the Football League was the fourth- highest division in For usage of the term in the military, see 4th Division. The original economic reasons for having the two regional leagues had become less The highest attendance in a fourth-tier playoff final is 61, Bristol Rovers Vs .

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The English football league system, also known as the football pyramid, is a series of The pyramid for women's football in England runs separately to nine tiers . There are two divisions at Level 6, covering the north (National League . is a representation of one possible structure, should the system be defined further .

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Competitive soccer also has a provision for "playing up" and that means that a child Recreational soccer teams are all known as division three teams or D3.

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MLS, or Major League Soccer (the league Minnesota United FC is about to play in), is the top division professional soccer league in the U.S./Canada, Players can also be suspended for a game on yellow card accumulation.

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The BCS Soccer League is a recreational soccer league. And although Below are general guidelines to use for selecting the right division for your team. Focus class is defined as men 40 years of age and older and/or women of any age.