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Baird Clan Motto: Dominus Fecit (The lord made). Baird Clan History: Baird Clan History: The Baird surname is most likely to be Norman in origin, though it's.

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Discover the Baird family history for the Scottish Origin. King William also commanded that Baird would have as his motto Dominus Fecit (The Lord made).

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Translation for: 'Dominus fecit' in Latin->English dictionary. Search nearly Dominus illuminatio mea · the Lord is my light (motto of Oxford University) · Dominus.

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Contextual translation of "dominus fecit" into English. Human translations with examples: fait, queen, he has, master, made me, received, death of, o my soul.

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Dominus definition: Origin of DominusClassical Latin the Lord; God Dominus. Play Do·mi·nus. Origin of Dominus. Classical Latin. the Lord; God process, " Tria mirabilia fecit Dominus; res ex nihilo, liberum arbitrium et hominem Deum.

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The Latin sentence 'Dominus fecit' may mean The Lord has made. Or it may mean The Lord has acted. In the word-by-word translation, the noun 'Dominus'.

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The common surname of Baird is primarily of Scottish origin. areas of land, assigned a Coat of Arms and given the motto of “Dominus Fecit (The Lord Made)” .