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“We live in a country where innocent until proven guilty is supposed to mean something; yet Brett Kavanaugh's reputation is being dragged through the mud.

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Drag through the mire/mud definition is - to unfairly damage or ruin. How to use drag through the mire/mud in a sentence.

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Define drag through the mud. drag through the mud synonyms, drag through the mud pronunciation, drag through the mud translation, English dictionary.

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Definition of be dragged through the mud in the Idioms Dictionary. be dragged through the mud phrase. What does be dragged through the mud expression.

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drag somebody's name through the mud meaning, definition, what is drag somebody's name through the mud: to tell people about the bad things that: Learn.

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drag sb's name through the mire/mud definition: to damage someone's reputation by saying extremely insulting things about them. Learn more.

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The intended meaning is "I've been made fun of enough today". DRAG THROUGH THE MUD and variants [[DIRT / MUCK]]: To slander or fit to debase it and drag it through the muck and mire does not in the least concern.

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I do know who the person is and I've heard from many people about what this Because having my name dragged through the mud – albeit incredibly . This post is the definition of 'being the bigger woman', so to speak.

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Drag someone's name in the mud definition: to disgrace or defame someone Non-finite parts of a verb are those that do not indicate number, person or tense. And best of all it's ad free, so sign up now and start using at home or in the.