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Nicknamed "Dubu" (tofu) by his fellow members. Graduated 2nd in Can speak conversational Mandarin and English. Top definition. Onew.

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Jinki is also known as Tofu, Dubu, Onew. Whenever he makes Jinki is clumsy and humorous and very, very sweet. Loading Top definition.

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His nickname is dubu (tofu) because “He's so unsteady. If you touch him, He also has a nickname, “OnTokki”, “Tokki” meaning bunny. This is because he has .

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Leader Onew from SHINee is nicknamed Dubu which means Tofu. He was given that nickname because his voice is soft and smooth like tofu. (: I love.

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SHINee's leader Onew was given the nickname "dubu," which is tofu in Korean, because he's gentle and clumsy; fragile like silk tofu. Just click.

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That's why sometimes they call him "Dubu" which is "tofu" in korean he's character is soft, they named him ONEW which basically means-soft.

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noun; korean word for Tofu (lit.) adj; term referring to SHINee's Onew. The name originates from the meaning of Onew (“soft”) and his resemblance to a block of.

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콩둡 / KONG DUB / DUBU BEANS Tofus are made from beans so KONG DUB refers to Onew in his fresh bean stages, meaning before his debut.

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"Onew" means something like kindness, gentleness tenderness and He got this name cuz his voice and his smile are "Onew"!! Onew means tofu/dubu.

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His nicknames are Leader Onew, Dubu, Ontokki, Onewhan, and Tofu. 0. 9. Onew SHINee's Onew Talks About What Their New Album Means To Him. Jun