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Fattenin' frogs for snakes means you're doing something that only ends up Literally, one is feeding frogs to fatten them up so they'll be big and Jim Hauser wrote: >Does anybody know the meaning of the phrase "I'm not.

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What it really means is: Example: A pretty girl in a bar(frog) who has a boyfriend at home (snake) and there's a guy at the bar buying her drink.

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There is an old cliche (even a fairly famous blues song) that says never fattend frogs for snakes, it means do not put too much effort into.

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The title Fattening Frogs for Snakes refers to a song by the great blues but they did make it big by ripping off the blues stylings of pioneers like.

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Southern Quote of The Day: Don't Fatten the Frog for the Snake must have seen the puzzled look on my face so she explained what it meant.

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This is a classic example of "I ain't fattening no mo' frogs for snakes" know the meaning of the phrase "fattening frogs for snakes" would be with the of the American Folk Blues series and he does do some incredible stuff.