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Best Answer - Chosen by Voting. you just asked same thing as Yume did before. I put the link here for an answer:) have a great weekend.

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I'm not sure if this is % correct because I'm lazy to translate it myself, so I got it from AsianFanatics forums. Hope you like it though!:D.

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i think it reads 'cha eum geu ja eh', which means 'the first time being in that place' or something along those lines. unsure if this is % correct.

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Keu dae ji geum nae ka seum me deul leo wa sa rang eul mal ha go iss jyo. Ggum mi a ni gi leul na neun ki do hae bwa yo. Nae mam mi ja gu keu dae lan sa .

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When someone opens a business, people will wish them “Dae-bak” by saying “ 대박나세요! G-dragon explaining what “Hang syo” means in Muhan Dojeon [ Infinite Challenge], Korea's top TV show [Nae chin gu deul ji geum haeng syo bun wi gi nae.] [Geu rae, neo ga na bo da mwo deum ji jal hae ne.

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Geh Deh Ji Geum - posted in Korean Lyrics: Geh Deh Ji Geum by Lim Jung Hee / Lyn *2nd line is the translation of this song*geudae jeeguhm geu-dae wuhn-ha -dtun sahrang-eul cha-ja eejae dohlahkal bboon-in-deh.

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Please listen to this song "geu deh ji geum - Lim Jung Hee" xD:unsure: . is like that. and i dont know what you mean with 'holding back'.