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Banquo's ghost appears to Macbeth and nobody else at a banquet he and Lady hardened to murder, and that is why he reacts as he does to Banquo's death.

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Banquo's ghost appears in act 3, scene 4, and sits down in Macbeth's place. and why does Macbeth and Lady Macbeth's relationship change during the play?.

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One of the most compelling scenes in Macbeth takes place at the banquet haunted by Banquo's ghost. Once again, the boundaries between.

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In Act 3, Scene 4, Banquo's ghost haunts Macbeth during his banquet. What does Banquo's ghost represent? How do we interpret Macbeth's.

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Lord Banquo /ˈbæŋkwoʊ/, the Thane of Lochaber, is a character in William Shakespeare's Banquo's ghost returns in a later scene, causing Macbeth to react with alarm during a public feast. He does nothing to accuse Macbeth of murdering the king, even though he has reason to believe Macbeth is responsible.

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Nah, he wouldn't do THAT. Banquo's Ghost essentially represents what is left of Macbeth's conscious gnawing at him as he descends further.

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pivotal moment in Macbeth when the ghost of Banquo takes Macbeth's seat at the dinner-guests-do not and cannot see.2 If, on the other hand, the chair remains . actual circumstances and participants who cooperate in representing and ob.