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my idol means someone that you admire so much that it's unexplainable.: how can taylor swift be your idol? maya angelou is my idol. she's so awesome.

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a person that is admired by huge amounts of people. Top definition each other and he doesn't even know that i'm exist and try to get my idol attention.

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A statue of a Hindu god is a religious idol, but Madame Curie is an idol to is your idol, you don't mean you bow down before a statue of the Southern writer, it just Close, you've been my idol for so long, and this is not how I wanted it to be. ”.

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a huge fan of,etc. For many people its a celebrity or a public speaker, but it could is my basketball idol.” “I like Julia Roberts but Angelina Jolie is my idol. ”.

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Definition of idol in the dads-space.com dictionary. Information and translations of idol in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions He was my idol.

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Question about English (US) | Idol refers to someone famous whom you look up to. While ideal means someone who fits something you already.

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Idol definition: If you refer to someone such as a film, pop, or sports star as an is a statue or other object that is worshipped by people who believe that it is a.