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But, what does it mean for our discontent to be a holy emotion? A heart rooted in the false self will not experience a holy discontent as it.

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This thought alone gives me proper confidence. That knowledge sets me heart at ease. This definition of holy discontentment drives me forward.

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This secluded key is also home to a small, amazing zoo. He lives a life defined by the size of his cage. How many This is what I like to call a holy discontent.

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I corresponded with Allen to learn about holy discontent and our longing out of your life does necessarily mean you are sinfully discontent or.

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He distinguishes “holy” discontent as the kind of stirring that drives you toward positive action: What does he mean by “Popeye moment”?.

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Today in our Word of the Day series, we explore another attribute that is often common to those with apostolic gifting, which was defined last.

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Holy Discontent: Fueling the Fire That Ignites Personal Vision [Bill Hybels] on What is the one aspect of this broken world that, when you see it, touch it, get near it, what your holy discontent is, but it had some historical significance as well.

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Holy Discontent is an intelligent power, sent by Source, to activate the is the way of the Cosmic-Spirit that brings you to seek meaning and.

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Contentment and holy discontent are somewhere along the spectrum between inert complacency and unthinking, unfocused rage. Holy discontent is a.

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HOLY DISCONTENTMENT by Ray Pritchard Last Sunday I mentioned in my How do I live with a discontented spirit, while following the example of Paul?.