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An information repository is an easy way to deploy a secondary tier of data storage that can comprise multiple, networked data storage technologies running on.

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In information technology a repository pronounced reePAHZihtori is a central and software platform for big data that can be used to capture and analyze data.

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A repository can be a place where multiple databases or files are located for (2 ) In a CASE development system, a database of information about the software.

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repository definition: 1. a place where things are stored and can be found 2. a person who has, or a book that contains, a lot of information or detailed.

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Definition - What does Database Repository mean? the relevant data from the other databases and aggregate it into meaningful information for the CFO.

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Data Repository Definition - Data repository is a somewhat general term used to refer to a destination Definition - What does Data Repository mean?.

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Repository definition, a receptacle or place where things are deposited, stored, an abundant source or supply; storehouse: a repository of information. a burial.

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repository definition: The definition of a repository is a place where things are stored of something, or a person or thing with a lot of information about something.