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Once you've initialized the wipe, the PS4 will give you a progress bar showing Do it as described above by fully powering down your PS4 and then holding the.

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Before you replace, transfer, or dispose of your PS4™ system, perform these procedures to help prevent Do not turn off the PS4™ system during initialization.

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I've recently had trouble with my PS4, and safe mode and it seems that the only solution in order to get it working is to initialize the system. My question is, if I.

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Initialisation of your PS4 system removes all of the data contained in your PS4 system storage; this process is often referred to as a "factory" or.

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I've tried all of the initialization settings in safe mode and both of them look like Not shutting it down properly is not doing it any good at all.

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Now press the power button again, but hold it down this time. Initialize PS4 ( Reinstall System Software) – This option is the same as 6, but.