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Open in Cape Town is the trailblazing BODY WORLDS vital exhibition series. A brain, trailing it's major nerves like thin grey tentacles.

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Visceral muscle is found inside of organs like the stomach, intestines, and blood vessels. The weakest of all muscle tissues, visceral muscle makes organs.

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Anatomists are people who study the human body. We have different skin colors, hair colors, body shapes and sizes — but we all look alike inside. The largest bone in the body is the femur, or thigh bone; it is 20 inches long in a 6-foot -tall.

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Looking Inside the Human Body: How we see inside the Human Body X-rays is a type of radiation that is like light waves but are invisible and are higher A CT Scan – sometimes referred to as CAT scans (but has nothing to do with cats or.

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Here's what an obese body looks like — from the inside. November 25 “You do not have to be a competitive athlete to stay fit. Those who.

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Those condemning the people labeling others as fat or obese argue that no one has a right to say so as they do not know why someone ended up being.

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Have you ever wondered what's really going on inside your body during pregnancy? This animation After all, it's not like you can just peek under your skin! Your browser does not currently recognize any of the video formats available.