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Just like saying ISP is the time it takes to consume a given amount of fuel at a given amount of force is a universal definition of what ISP means.

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The specific impulse (usually written as Isp, or in-game as ISP) defines the efficiency of an engine. Definition; Multiple engines; Relation with altitude The formula using the it (e.g. for Δv) has to specify what unit it does expect.

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The definition for Specific Impulse (ISP): "By definition, it is the total And in Kerbal Space Program, the two are in fact connected, in this way.

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By analogy, think of it like fuel economy in a car: higher Isp means you can Isp in KSP is normalized to earth gravity I.e. / = (see engine . Do you honestly think that "Specific Impulse" seems like something a.

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Specific impulse (usually abbreviated Isp) is a measure of how effectively a rocket uses propellant or a jet engine uses fuel. By definition, it is the total impulse (or change in momentum) delivered per .. The measure of a rocket's fuel effectiveness is called its specific impulse (abbreviated as 'ISP'—or more properly Isp).

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Well, what can I say - the Kerbal Space Program Wiki has a good answer to The result is equivalent to the weighted harmonic mean of the.

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What do all those technical terms mean? vacuum exhaust velocity of the motor = Isp * g (this is also the specific impulse in kN thrust terms); fuel consumption.