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This is usually expressed as the Km (Michaelis constant) of the enzyme, an inverse measure of affinity. For practical purposes, Km is the concentration of.

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I thought if the Km-value is low, substrate affinity is high and in the opposite direction. The true reciprocal measure of enzyme substrate affinity is the Ks value.

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Structural Biochemistry/Enzyme/Michaelis and Menten Equation An equation with a high Km indicates that the enzyme does not bind as efficiently with the substrate, When Kcat/ Km, it gives us a measure of enzyme efficiency with a unit of.

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These constants are important to know, both to understand enzyme activity The maximal velocity, or Vmax, is the rate of the reaction under these conditions.

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Km is characteristic of an enzyme and a particular substrate and is a measure of enzyme affinity for that substrate. A low Km value of an enzyme.

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One needs measuring tools in order to find out how enzymes work and how they are controlled. The Michealis-Menton contant is one such tool. It allows you to.