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Morrie intends to live his last days as fully as he can, and knows that if he is to remain in bed, he will surrender himself to death by forfeiting the simple enjoyment.

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Tuesdays With Morrie-SYMBOLISM/MOTIFS/SYMBOLS by Mitch Shortly after Mitch starts this tradition, Morrie is no longer able to eat solid food Morrie's bed.

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After all Tuesdays with Morrie can be seens as a kind of rebirth for Morrie, . in his study so he can watch his hibiscus plant, saying to Mitch "when you're in bed, .

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Symbols Of Morrie As Morrie's condition worsened, the plant wrinkled and withered. The plant was dying The bed in this book is a symbol of death. One of .

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As Morrie's body is slowly deteriorating, so is of the hibiscus plant. Morrie has the motto, "When you're in bed, you're dead," and eventually comes true when.

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"I want to remember what we talk about. I told Morrie. I want to have your voice so I can listen to it later." (P. 62). "I looked at the tape recorder.

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10 Morrie's bed symbolizes death (to him) Morrie prefers to sit in his chair in his study so he can be surrounded by books, pictures, and look out his window.