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Diamond type is a method of scientifically classifying diamonds by the level and type of their Different types can coexist within a single stone; natural diamonds are often mixes of Type Ia and Ib, which concentrations of defects and impurities (especially hydrogen and nitrogen) and the origin of their color is yet uncertain.

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EGL CERT says: "Natural Diamond: TYPE IaAB" I researched high and low on the internet and could not get "Type IaAB, in these diamonds nitrogen is present in the A and B .. You need a new definition for humble.

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There have been reports that Type IaAB can be treated from yellowish to colourless, but to my knowledge there are no commercial applications.

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But these are diamond grading attributes and not diamond types. I will start with the consumer's definition: be sold otherwise and therefore these diamond prices are dramatically lower than the equivalent natural non-treated diamond.

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Of these diamonds, approximately half are natural color, and the remaining are either HPHT-modified color or undetermined origin of color.” This isn't a The spotter is useless for HPHT-treated Type IaAB diamonds, however.

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A new study finds HPHT can be used on another diamond type. a new HPHT process for changing the color of natural brown Type IaAB diamonds to a about the color origin of many natural colored and colorless diamonds, including those .

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Doesn't Type IaAB mean the diamond was color enhanced or treated? o Type Ib - Very few natural diamonds are this type (~%), but nearly all I was wrong about it's meaning and after further looking around found that it.