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The technic for getting satisfactory oblique views of the lumbar spine is not in the oblique position furnish a splendid means of familiarizing the radiologist with .

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What is oblique? Meaning of oblique medical term. What does oblique mean? In radiography, a projection that is neither frontal nor lateral. [L. obliquus].

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Meaning of oblique position medical term. What does oblique position mean? In radiology, an alignment of the body between a lateral and an anteroposterior.

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Finger oblique view is a standard projection for radiographic assessment of the Separation of the metacarpals (almost a PA view) means the hand must be.

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Oblique radiographs are halfway between AP (or PA) and lateral radiographs. The patient will Unless the mother's life was at risk, few people would x-ray a pregnant patient's lumbar That means when performing examination of the lumbar.

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Projectional radiography is a form of radiography and medical imaging that produces X-rays are a form of ionizing radiation, meaning it has sufficient energy to . For example, a 45 degree Right Anterior Oblique of the Cervical Spine.

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Result: Searchterm 'Left Anterior Oblique' found in 1 term [ ] and 0 definition [ ], (+ Left anterior oblique is an oblique (usually 45 degrees) position adjacent to.