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Define order Chiroptera. order Chiroptera synonyms, order Chiroptera pronunciation, order Chiroptera translation, English dictionary definition of order .

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Bats - of the order Chiroptera, meaning “winged hands” - may conjure images of blood-sucking vampires, but the local varieties are interested in eating only.

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Chiroptera is the name of the order of the only mammal capable of true flight, the bat. The name is influenced by the hand-like wings of bats, which are formed.

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Definition of Chiroptera - an order of mammals that comprises the bats.

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Bats (order Chiroptera, meaning "hand wing") are one of 28 living mammalian orders, but with more than species, bats represent about 20% of all.

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While there are around recorded bat species in the world, we are still discovering new species. The name for this mammalian order is Chiroptera, meaning.