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Corticosteroids in the form of a nasal spray are the first-line treatment for perennial allergic rhinitis.

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Perennial allergic rhinitis is a chronic allergic condition that doesn't subside throughout the year and causes nasal congestion and a runny nose. Dust mites are the most common cause of perennial allergic rhinitis but it can be caused by any allergy that is present year round.

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Allergic rhinitis—Perennial allergic rhinitis can be more difficult to diagnose than seasonal allergy, particularly if the patient presents with secondary symptoms of.

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Allergic rhinitis may sound like an unpleasant medical diagnosis. However, up to 30 percent of people worldwide are affected by allergic rhinitis,1 which means.

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Perennial: People with perennial allergic rhinitis experience symptoms year- round. It is generally caused by dust mites, pet hair or dander, cockroaches or mold.

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I would like to place on record a sincere thanks for helping me treat a severe case of allergic rhinitis with your injections. I used to suffer very badly virtually all .