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A phrase meaning to have the act of sexual intercourse with a woman, where the field is the lady parts and the plough is the gentleman parts.

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Ploughing is the act of thrusting the penis into and out of any living being repeatedly, male or female. Top definition. ploughingunknown.

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A plough (UK) or plow is a tool or farm implement used in farming for initial cultivation of soil in In modern use, a ploughed field is typically left to dry out, and is then harrowed before planting. Words with the same root appeared with related meanings: in Raetic plaumorati "wheeled heavy plough" (Pliny, Nat. Hist.

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Ploughing definition, plow. See more. to invest, as capital (often followed by into): to plow several hundred million into developing new oil fields. to reinvest or .

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plough definition: 1. a large farming tool with blades that digs the soil in fields so that seeds can be planted 2. If land is under the plough, crops are grown on it: 3.

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Add to List Thesaurus Share It. Definitions of plough. 1 a heavy plow with a single wide blade; used chiefly in cotton fields. moldboard plow, mouldboard.

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Plough definition: A plough is a large farming tool with sharp blades which is pulled across the soil to | Meaning a carefully ploughed field. [VERB-ed].

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Definition of plough - a large farming implement with one or more blades fixed in a frame, drawn over soil to turn it over 'the fields had all been ploughed up'.