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How often do false positive results occur with front-line tests such as the result with Ictotest® or a lab method, would indicate a false positive.

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Urine bilirubin does not appear to add significant information toward the of positive urine bilirubin results are confirmed by a positive Ictotest.

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The Name You Trust for Timely and Accurate Confirmatory Urine Bilirubin Results. Ictotest® Reagent Tablets are used to test for the presence of bilirubin in urine. Hospital and laboratories rely on the quality of Siemens’ Ictotest reagent tablets to confirm bilirubin results.

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Q. What is the value of doing the Ictotest (tablet method for bilirubin detection) on urine specimens that have already tested positive for bilirubin by dipstick? A. The urine bilirubin dipstick test and urine bilirubin tablet test (Ictotest) both detect . Thus, this system would appear to meet the working definition of built-in controls.

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We evaluated the usefulness of this test after multiple physicians in our system reported that they do not act on positive dipstick urine bilirubin findings.

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Obtaining a positive urine chemistry result, but a negative bilirubin result less costly and most urine bilirubin tests are CLIA-waived meaning.

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What about if the patient has anti-c, do you worry about E? Thanks for the input. been conforming every positive dipstick result for bilirubin with the ictotest forever . whether confirmatory testing needs to be done for urine ketones or bilirubin.