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Hot plug is the addition of a component to a running computer system without significant interruption to the operation of the system.

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and the SATA plug does not have any logic it seems. it is just dumb If the OS doesn't support hot-plug, then it means the OS might need to.

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I read on the internet that SATA hotplug is a feature that allows you to attach and remove a SATA drive the same way you do with USB sticks.

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My thought is it would be nice to just hot swap it into a sata cable and A full " drive i would not do it with because its wasn't really meant for.

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Hot plugging (hot swapping) is the ability to add or remove devices to a computer while it is running. The operating system automatically recognizes the change.

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I have a Crucial M4 SSD on the first Intel SATA port and 3 WD HDDs and 2 Are there any advantages/disadvantages to having hot plug set.

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So, in the BIOS, my H MB has an option to toggle one or more SATA ports as SATA hot plug. Does that mean I can connect and disconnect.

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Since I use hot swap I haven't tried external sata for a few years. As far as I know, "hot plug" means that if the drive/cables/bios are all capable.

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Serial ATA is a computer bus interface that connects host bus adapters to mass storage devices . The Serial ATA Spec requires SATA device hot plugging; that is, devices that meet Windows device drivers that are labeled as SATA are often running in IDE .. The pin is also pulled low by the drive to indicate drive activity.

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In the SATA specification this is referred to as hot plug and hot removal and they are two separate events. While the electrical and.