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#semper fidelis#semper fi#semper fyter#marines#usmc#marine corps#united states marine corps. Get a Semper Fi mug for your cat Callisto. The motto of the United States Marine Corps.

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Semper fidelis is a Latin phrase that means "always faithful" or "always loyal". It is the motto of . The Irish units in France used a similar motto, "Semper et ubique Fidelis", meaning "Always and Everywhere Faithful". These units, forming the.

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Semper fidelis har vært brukt som motto for byer og en rekke familier i mange land, så langt tilbake som til tallet. Eksempler på bruk er som motto for den .

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Semper fidelis definition: always faithful | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples.

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A Marine wife learns the meaning of Semper Fi the hard way.

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Semper fidelis definition is - always faithful —motto of the U.S. Marine Corps.

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What most people, & most Marines as well, don't know is that Semper Fi or What are some stories about Marines that embrace the true meaning of semper fi ?.

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semper fidelis definition: The definition of semper fidelis, the motto of the U.S. ( adjective) An example of semper fidelis is a motto meaning "always faithful.".