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Does anyone know what SHA stands for with regard to pitching stats? College stats are more in depth than high school, so these two are new.

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The "A" stands for "against," so those are sacrifice hits against and sacrifice flies against the pitcher.

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A softball pitcher's statistics range from basic to advanced. Other stats include " GS" for games started, "CG" for complete games, "SHO" for shutouts, "SV" "SFA " and "SHA" mean sacrifice flies against and sacrifice hits against, respectively.

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Learn All About Baseball Stats With This History and Glossary As the sport's popularity grew, so did Chadwick's achievements. BS: Blown saves (when a pitcher enters the game in a save situation but leaves without the.

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Baseball abbreviations in stats by Baseball Almanac. What do all those abbreviations stand for? Baseball Pitching Abbreviations for Statistics. AO BB BFP.

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Hits allowed. HBP. Hit by pitch. HR. Home runs allowed. IP. Innings played. R. Runs allowed. SFA. Sacrifice flies allowed. SHA. Sacrifice hits allowed. SHO/ CHO.