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She does not wish to ignore you, but she lacks the energy to carry out her usual text style What does it mean when a girl texts short answers (for example.

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People who text really short to a long ass paragraph. Texter1: Omg so anyways do you like the band coldplay? Texter2: No. Texter1: Oh okay.

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He's trying to let you know he feels bad or guilty for what he did (flirt with the other girl) he was trying to make the point he knows your upset with.

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Why hasn't he text today? Why are his answers so short and vague, is he no longer interested? Why did he initiate a conversation and then just.

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Why do guys reply back in short messages when you text them . i reply in short messages all the time (not a guy) dosn't mean they like you.

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Short Text vs. Long Text. There are two types of free text boxes that can be used. One is called the "Short Text" and the other is called "Long.

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A short message is a brief text message sent to or from a mobile phone subscriber SMS compression increases the amount of text that can be sent, and SMS Samsung's 1 TB internal phone storage means headaches for IT · Evernote mobile app helps fill productivity gaps · What mobile device analytics can do for you.

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What do all these 2 to 4 letter acronyms stand for? An abbreviation (from Latin brevi³re → brevis meaning “short”) is a shortened form of a word or phrase used.