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In sports, stat padding is an action that improves a player's statistics despite being of little benefit to his or her team or its chance of winning. An example would.

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Apr 13, Russell Westbrook stole rebounds in order to average a triple-double over two straight seasons. Going into the regular season finale, he needed 16 rebounds to average a triple-double for the second-straight year. Of course, Westbrook is absurd in his own right, and he has now.

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The blowout loss to Cincinnati did, and once again Brees' misleading stat line of yards, a touchdown and a quarterback rating bolstered his statistics.

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Apr 20, If Westbrook is indeed stat padding for triple doubles, you'd expect that /threads /the-meaning-lessness-of-westbrooks-triple-doubles/.

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May 6, IDK if WoTB uses a different definition of stat padding than other Even if they did, you'd likely still be taking a significant amount of damage.

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Sep 16, Regular season stats and accomplishments do not matter nearly as Wilt's stat padding continued on multiple occasions during the playoffs.

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Dec 11, This degree of "stat padding" is in fact unprecedented, and has completely corrupted any value or meaning that France Football's Ballon d'Or.

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padding: The act of stuffing, filling, or lining. In calico-printing, the process of imbuing the fabric all over with a mordant which is dried. n. Any unnecessary.