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I just got my first ~~tub~~ tubs today and I love the flavor, the cut, and everything else about it. But it just seems like it's cut up chew.

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After receiving a can of Stoker's Long Cut Straight in the mail a few days I began to taste a sweet tobacco flavor with hints of smokiness in the background. However, I did find the nicotine buzz to be a little milder than most.

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Did u buy a tub or seperate cans? Comment by Chase Richards on March 31, at pm. The natural smelled odd and have a horrible taste when you gut it. I just found out about stokers bought a tube of lc straight.

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I then see on a shelf there, the tubs of Stoker's moist snuff dip. I asked if they had Natural Long Cut, and they did. The 5-roll of Copen was $16 A sweeter taste than Grizzly Wintergreen but softer. Defintely a great deal at a.

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I used Straight flavored dip for a couple of years until the taste just finally started getting to me. Stokers has a good wintergreen and some of the best loose chew . 59 i think the cinnamon will do that snus some good.

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Stoker's is a brand of smokeless tobacco, specifically dipping tobacco and chewing tobacco This article does not cite any sources. Long Cut Wintergreen; Long Cut Natural; Long Cut Straight; Long Cut Mint; Long Cut Cool Wintergreen.