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In geometry, an angle subtended by an arc, line segment, or any other section of a curve is one whose two rays pass through the endpoints of the arc (or other object). The precise meaning varies with context. See also[edit]. Central angle · Inscribed angle.

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Central angles are subtended by an arc between those two points, and the arc length is the central angle of a circle of radius one (measured in radians).

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Definition of a subtended angle - the angle created by an object at a given external subtends a larger angle to your eye at arm's length than the moon does at.

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Definition: The angle subtended at the center of a circle by two given points on the circle. Try this Drag at the center. It does not mean the reflex angle ∠AOB.

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You will also discover what the Central Angle Theorem is and Now that you understand what subtended and inscribed angles means, we.

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Illustrated definition of Subtended Angle: The angle made by something from a given viewpoint. Here the Subtended Angle of the tree (from the persons.

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We say in geometry that an arc "subtends" an angle θ; literally, "stretches under." Now the For, the ratio of s to r does determine a unique central angle θ. An angle of radians means that the arc is three fourths of the radius. sr.