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According to Urban Dictionary: > Swag (within the context of promotional merchandise) can refer to both: Promotional merchandise for a band, record label.

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The freebie swag, sometimes also spelled schwag, dates back to the s and was used to describe promotional items. According to our files, early swag was.

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Silly Wild Ass Guess[edit]. In the construction industry when estimating costs or schedule Swag can also stand for "Stolen While At Google". Another meaning is an acronym It is the more overt form of "yoink". At the turn of the 21st Century .

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Swag definition: Swag is stolen goods, or money obtained illegally. swag. (sw æg). Word forms: plural swags. 1. uncountable noun. Swag is stolen goods . this new 13th edition is an unparalleled resource for word lovers, word gamers, and.

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So, in short, these players live in the past and refuse to adapt to changes made in the games they play because that would mean learning new game mechanics.

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Top definition This is not to say gamers are the bespectacled hermits that the stereotype has long been. We are everywhere, in many shapes and forms.

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This means that if you play at the stylish Swag Bingo site you can enjoy your in the form of high quality games jam-packed with entertainment and laughter.