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Meaning of sweltering in English. Contents. Contents ×. adjective In the summer, it's sweltering in the smaller classrooms. Thesaurus: synonyms and related.

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Sweltering definition, suffering oppressive heat. See more.

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A sweltering summer afternoon might cause you to turn on the air conditioning in your apartment or take a cool shower. To be sweltering is more than merely.

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Sweltering definition is - oppressively hot. How to use sweltering in a sentence.

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Call it "Balmy" or "Sweltering," Summer (and Summer Words) are Here the noun perspiration, which comes from a Latin word meaning "to.

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Sweltering definition: If you describe the weather as sweltering, you mean that it is extremely hot and makes | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and.

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The rest have been sleeping in tents outside in sweltering summer temperatures. Times, Sunday Times ()Parts of the southern hemisphere are sweltering.

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Definition of sweltering - uncomfortably hot. 'a sweltering English summer'. 'the sweltering heat outside'. More example sentences. 'It's 9: 15 on a sweltering.

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sweltering meaning, definition, what is sweltering: extremely hot and uncomfortable: Everyone headed for the beach on that sweltering summer afternoon.

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The office gets unbearably hot in summer. the searing/stifling/sweltering/ scorching etc heat (=extreme heat). ▫ The desert is a place of scorching heat by day and.