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What does tempering an egg mean and why would you want to do it? If you just combine the two mixtures, you'll end up with cooked eggs in your sauce.

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Tempering is a method of combining two ingredients that are at two different temperatures, one hot and one room temperature or cold. Imagine pouring hot milk or cream into a bowl of egg yolks. The extreme heat would cook the eggs, leaving scrambled eggs in your pastry cream, sauce.

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Follow these steps to tempering eggs, then watch our how-to video. Egg Recipes Tempering such mixtures is the solution, and here's how you do it.

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How to Temper an Egg. Many different recipes, including those for custards, soups, and certain pasta recipes, will require you to "temper an egg," which means that liquid to do the cooking, not the surface, which will cause the eggs to curdle.

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It does not provide the chemical composition changes you might see in a lab although. can help you understand the roles that eggs play in cooking. The proteins in an egg white are globular proteins, which means that the.

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When you read the word "temper" in a cooking or baking recipe, do you know The first meaning of "temper" is a process of heating and cooling Tempering a sauce involves gently heat egg yolks before adding to a hot.