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This Order may be cited as the Zoonoses Order and shall come into force (a)the definition of “animals” in section 87(1) of the Act is hereby extended so as .. provisions of the Zoonoses Order , designates (as did the Order).

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This Order, which revokes and re-enacts, with amendments, the provisions of the Zoonoses Order , designates (as did the Order) organisms of the.

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I shall address myself to the Zoonoses order of March , which . It is worth remembering that the owner is already required to do his or her.

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The coming into effect on July 14 of the Zoonoses Order , marks a new and important step in veterinary public health. The Order makes available powers to.

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Zoonoses Order SI / This Order came into force on 1 March and applies to England, Scotland and Wales. Cedrec is.

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Title: The Zoonoses Orders Date: and In cases where salmonella infection is confirmed after investigation the flock must be slaughtered.

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other agencies that do, such as LAs and the Food Standards Agency (FSA). .. and animal feeding stuffs is mandatory under the Zoonoses Order APHA is.