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Kräuter_Fee: Saying "three-and-twenty" is outdated English, but was perfectly correct in past centuries (don't nail be down on exactly when this.

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What Does Twenty Mean. Source(s): dads-space.com twenty-three or 23; a style of writing used in old English or poetry. Lenora · 8 years ago. 2.

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Numbers such as "three-and-twenty" are frequently found in Jane So that would mean she would ordinarily use the modern form, right?.

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It's an archaic form of saying "Twenty Nine". Most probably this is a paraphrasing of the nursery rhyme "Sing a song of sixpence": Four and.

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Five-and-twenty is used by some older speakers instead of twenty-five when referring to that many minutes before or after the hour, as in five-and-twenty past six.

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When did they go from saying “one and three” or “six and twenty” to But if you mean that the numbers are composed of 2 numbers: 1 and 3.