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Web Bot is an internet bot computer program whose developers claim is able to predict future Web Bot predicted that a massive earthquake would occur in December in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada and the Pacific Northwest.

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Did the WEB BOT predict the future in ? I first wrote about the Web Bot in and reported the predictions it made for The Web Bot is a computer.

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Among other things, the Web Bot is claimed to have predicted the World The actual ALTA reports are interpretations of the data by High.

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Web Bot has also predicted that there will be a mini-ice age from As a result, large glaciers forming the sea levels will retreat and.

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The Web Bot is claimed to have predicted several large events such as hurricane Katrina and the Indian ocean earthquake others say its predictions are.

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#ClifHigh's #WebBot report predicts a MINOR MANIA for #DigiByte in late summer, Is the much higher than normal daily volume for #DGB pointing to this.