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Here are 20 sides that make chili a filling and complete meal out your pot of chili, a side of oven-baked veggie fries is always a good idea.

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Transform a simple pot of chili into total dinner nirvana with these 25 side chili side dishes Put that farmers market haul to good use.

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Whether you're wrapped up in down comforters or dancing under the sun (lucky you), we've got the best side dishes to go with your hot bowl of.

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Rustle up a pot or two of chili that will serve a gang and can be . Beer-Cheese Bread pairs well with chili and is ideal for any dinner party.

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Obviously what people think goes well with chili depends on associations that they've grown up with. Is it primarily a bean dish? A soup?.

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We went through some of our favorite food blogs to see what the experts chili is , it seems like a great dish to serve your family after a long day, not to Given its simplicity, you may very well opt to bake it over and over again.

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Again, that's chili as a topping. Twice baked potatoes are also good topped with chili. Cornbread goes very well with a bowl of red. Photo credit: Slow Cooker.

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So what goes well with chili? Here is my list of the best foods to pair with chili, in no particular order.

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Well, a better question is, how adventurous are you? If you want to lighten up a hearty chili, serve it with salad greens like spinach, romaine, or kale with light.

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I wanted to serve a veggie side dish to lighten things up a little, but I'm drawing a blank as to what would be good. Needs to be easy/relatively.