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Holding kids back a grade—also known as “retention”—isn't common. But if the school is considering having your child repeat a year (or if you are), there are.

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“Grade retention” or “grade repetition” is the process of a kindergarten through twelfth grade student repeating the same grade due to failing it the previous year, these students are referred to as "repeaters". Repeaters can also be referred to as having been "held back". The student will then again repeat the entire school year within a single.

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You don't get held back in high school. However, if you don't have enough credits to graduate come the end of senior year, then you will spend one or two more.

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Anyways, what qualifies you for getting held back in school? I have 3 F's, (One of them is because my teacher hates me, damn) 3 B's, and 1 C, and an A. So how.

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The Held Back in School trope as used in popular culture. Pupils in a Either way he gets forced to repeat the year/grade with people younger than themselves.

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If you've been told that you have to repeat a grade in school, you're probably not very happy about it. Whether you're being held back because you missed a lot.