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The Vietnam War started in the s, according to most historians, March Japanese troops occupying Indochina carry out a coup . The massacre happens amid a campaign of U.S. search-and-destroy operations.

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Key events in the background to the Vietnam war: - Viet Minh - a broad front of Vietnamese patriots and nationalists controlled by the.

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Born ; Founded Indochina Communist Party ; President of North Vietnam BBC History: Ho Chi Minh. - Ho Chi Minh.

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After Japanese troops occupy Vietnam during World War II, the U.S. military intelligence July - Following the defeat of Nazi Germany, World War II Allies.

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In late , after Japan's defeat in World War II, French troops came back to occupy Vietnam. The conflict soon turned into a conventional war.

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Known then as Nguyen Ai Quoc, Ho went on to Moscow in for training in In Vietnam Bao Dai abdicated his throne in the city of Hue with the.

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A famine began in northern Vietnam which would result in about one million The United States Department of War authorized General.